Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Help Me Get to Night of Writing Dangerously!!!!

It has long been my dream to become a published author. I am participating in nanowrimo (nanowrimo.org) next month. Nano is where you write 50,000 words in the month of November. It is a crazy writing frenzy and I'm super excited to participate once again. Last year was my first year. I would love to be able to go to the Night of Writing Dangerously where 250 authors get together for a six hour write a thon! However, I have to raise $350 in donated funds in order to do so! Please help! My fundraising page is located at: http://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?fcid=217208.

Thank you so much!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trying this Out...Again

Wow, I am a horrible blogger, having not blogged in... who knows how long! I woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to write. Maybe because my friend Courtney just started blogging again. It then sounded like a good idea that I had forgotten about.  I have not wanted to do so in quite awhile. So much has happened, it is hard to know where to begin.

So tonight's blog finds me overwhelmed, not in the best of health, and tired as hell. I have had to severely reduce some of the things I used to do anything to accomplish. Hopefully it is just temporary though. I'm working full time, taking two courses that are pre-req's for the Bachelor's in Accounting I am now pursuing. My classes are mostly what is overwhelming me (one of which is extremely difficult for me--Stats! Yuck!, and one that I am doing pretty well at--Financial Accounting-Yay!). I was recently diagnosed with a precursor to lupus. I have a 50% higher chance of developing actual lupus because my cholesterol is currently out of control. I'm on medication for life that is supposed to act as a barrier to lupus. Lately, I've had extreme pain in my limbs and have been majorly tired all of the time. Not sure if I'm working on a lupus flare, if it is the medication, or if I have just taken on too much and my body is starting to rebel.

I used to write two different blogs, but have decided to simplify even that. So this is it, people. This blog lives, and Fireside With My Savior will remain extinct. Once caveat, however. I used to separate my blogs...this one for general stuff, writing stuff, etc. The other for my spiritual insights, revelations, rantings...I think I partly did this so that those of my friends who were not Christians wouldn't be freaked out by my Christianly quips. But enough is enough. I am who I am and this blog is going to be about...well, everything...including my faith which is important to me.

I have been a horrible Christian lately too. I haven't been going to church consistently. I dropped out of bible study. I rarely read the bible anymore. And sadly, I have just taken a hiatus from serving until I get my life and act in order again. I've been doing so much that I've totally neglected my relationship with the Lord. And damn do I need Him right now. Can you say damn in the same sentence as the Lord? Oops, I did it again (as sung by Britney). Yes, I am still crazy if you haven't noticed. That is what makes me fun!

Nanowrimo looms next month. For those that don't know, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and the point is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I'm going to participate. I'm not holding myself to that many words, just to writing at least something every day.

My goal in renewing this blog is: a) be healthier by letting off some steam, b) getting myself writing in the hopes of writing something significant that may actually be published!, c) to chronicle my journey to getting back to a better place spiritually (maybe it will help someone in the same situation?), and d) hopefully to entertain or inspire some folk.

So...here goes nothing!