Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Back!

So I've been off the grid for about a week. I'm happy that some still read this (this being my blog) as of yesterday! Thanks for that!

It began last Sunday when I woke up with a killer migraine. I thought it was due to lack of sleep as I'd had a late nap that turned into a major snooze and then couldn't sleep til about 3:30 a.m. Got up early to work at church and my head felt worse and worse. Still had it on Monday. Migraine meds didn't help so I ended up getting a shot of Toradol from my doctor, which tuned it down a bit but it then came back. I did find out though that I should be taking 500 mg of riboflavin aka B2 to prevent them. Of course it is next to impossible to find B2 in anything more than 100mg. Thus, I must take five of them and they are hard to swallow. Enough about that though...

I realized from this migraine, which I may add I get them a couple of times per month...that maybe I need to slow down a bit. I'm always on the go to or from somewhere or planning for the next event whatever it may be. Once my migraine went away (I woke up Tuesday with it not nearly as bad), I decided to take it easy. I went to bed at a decent hour each night and have to say I feel really refreshed! I normally only get four or five hours of sleep but this week I got seven-ish hours per night. I didn't make all of the events or engagements I was supposed to, but I feel more normal than I've felt in...hmm, I don't even know how long.

This morning I had planned to do something that probably would've overexerted me, and I had every intention of doing it anyway, but I woke up with major sciatica and realized there was no way...I'm kind of bummed but maybe I am just supposed to be taking it easy and not overcommitting. Maybe God is telling me that this is a season to just ponder and not necessarily "do". Sometimes I forget prayer is just as important as "doing."

But anyway...

I've had my rest and now I think I need to re-commit to my writing. At least I don't have to get out of bed to do THAT! There is no reason I can't fit an hour into each day to write...whether it be here or my novels or short stories or poems. But I'm going to try to do all of the above without as much pressure. Life is too short to be worrying so much...

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  1. Hey, I got your text message...I don't know when you sent it, but yes, of course we can start writing again. I never went anywhere, girl!