Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So Many Options...

So I'm planning on submitting a story to a short-story writing contest and my mind is spinning at the many ways I can go with the stories I'm working on.

Story #1 involves a woman whose husband leaves her out in the middle of nowhere and she is being stalked by someone...or something. But where to go with it? I majorly copped out on the first draft, allowing the main character to be killed. But I actually want her to survive. But what is after her? Part of me wants it to be a crazy psychopathic killer...yet the other part wants her to be stalked by some unusual type of animal or something. And how will she escape? Or will it really be her husband stalking her through the woods? I almost want to write this five different ways!

Story #2 is about a bratty highschooler who is getting into all sorts of trouble, and has her friend's drug overdose heavy on her mind. She is into all sorts of sinful behavior. Will she repent and turn from her sinful ways? Will this be a story with some morals attached or just a fluffy read about her exploits and how she gets out of them?

I am overwhelmed with the freedom I have over these character's lives! Now just have to figure out what to do with them!

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