Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

Thought I would give you all a good laugh and tell you about my face plant yesterday. I should give you some background first on a previous incident I had. I'm not the most graceful person in the world, ya know?

So about a month ago, I was leaving for work and realized I'd forgotten my cell near the head of my bed. I tried to reach forward to get it. I had one knee up on the bed, it slipped and thus so did I. I fell ribs first into the corner of my mattress. THEN to top THAT off, I fell backwards against my dresser with my hip and lower back...yes the exact area where I previously had two surgeries. Fun times!

Which brings us to yesterday...

This time I was going to hop up on my bed to relax while watching t.v. The space next to my bed is very limited because of a dresser so I was climbing up from the bottom of the bed...WITH a piece of Casa de Fruta peach pie in one hand. Somehow my foot got caught up on the comforter that was hanging off the end of the bed and I feel literally face first into my bed. Almost like a belly flop. I could've caught myself but that would've meant flying pie and I was not about to give up that pie. I almost went face first into it, however. Narrow miss. I hurt my foot and back but I saved the pie.

And now something completely unrelated...

My hubby went to take out the trash to the communal dumpster, which is located inside a man-made dumpster holder shed looking thingee. The trash was overflowing. He noticed something dark at the front and proceeded to try to push it in with the bag he was holding, thinking it was just some garbage. THEN the thing moved and started to turn around as he was pushing it. He did not waste any time trying to figure out what it was but came inside and told me. I, of course, had to investigate because that is just what I do. As I opened my front door a cute little raccoon face popped over the top of the dumpster. I spied another snout coming out of the bottom of the dumpster area. My hubby had actually been pushing a raccoon into the dumpster! I can't believe they didn't clobber him!

Alas, these are things that would only happen to me and mine...


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