Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yes, I am posting for a second day in a row. Trying to make this a habit, ya know? So what is everyone reading these days? I have been reading tons of books I have found through the tall poppies authors: This group of authors rocks! If you go to their facebook page, there are tons of book giveaways but more importantly, you get to know the authors and they are really fascinating! Each week, a new author takes over hosting their page. You learn about what motivated them to write and the type of writing they do. I am currently about to finish Laura Drake's Days Made of Glass (excellent book!), recently finished (while fishing!) Kerstin March's Branching Out ( a great read!), and am about to start Cathy Lamb's What I Remember Most. Reviews to come!

I am hoping to keep up on reviews both here and/or at Goodreads. I should mention, I LOVE Goodreads. I never knew about all the giveaways and deals you can get through that site. The site makes it easy to keep track of books you have read or want to read, and allows you to write reviews of books you have read. I am a starving, just graduated, about to start paying a student loan the size of a car payment, type person, and I can use any deal I can get.

Anyway, more later when I can organize my thoughts and write reviews!


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  1. Christie, the authors love meeting the readers at Bloom, too! You're a perfect case in point. So enjoyed getting to know you there!

    Biting nails for the review....